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Vacation Details

My mother-in-law sent me a few of her pictures from vacation. Eventually, there may even be a picture of me being towed behind the boat. Thankfully, my sister-in-law’s phone was running out of battery, so there is no footage of my header into the lake.  Your imagination will have to suffice. My father-in-law described my performance as the epitome of “ass over teakettle,” if you needed any help.

The in-laws are known far and wide for their love of lawn games, so one afternoon an Olympics course of corn-hole, ladder golf, horse shoes, bocce ball, frisbee toss, and football toss was set up.  The other thing the in-laws are known for is how long it can take to get an activity started.  From conception to the start of the first event, the family yard Olympics took over 2 hours to get started. Eventually, though everyone gathered in the back yard.

Yard Olympics waiting area.

Given that I spent more time in airplanes than on the ground in the week before this trip, I unsurprisingly developed a head cold during our time at the cabin.  I served as the Olympic crowd/dog & baby wrangler. It was pretty fun. Whoever had the least amount of points at the end had to go down to the lake, shout loud enough for the whole lodge to hear “I’m a fish. I’m a really big fish. Come and get me,” then jump in the lake.


He’s a really big fish

To make sure the loser didn’t feel too lonely, everyone got to vote for someone to jump in the lake with the loser.  Since no one had ever seen the Captain’s (my father-in-law) perfectly coiffed do, known as the “dome,” wet, he was of course picked to accompany the DH into the lake. Some one did get a video of the big moment, which I will share when it comes my way.  Amazingly enough, the dome looked just the same wet as it did dry.

As we left Wednesday morning my mother-in-law got a few pictures of us with our little nephew. Of course, there isn’t one in which we all are looking at the camera.


The DH is skeptical.


Everyone look stage left.

There were however, some nice pictures of us individually.


snuggling Uncle DH


Enough pictures! Put me down already!

There was even a rare picture of the DH and I. Given that it was 7am and we were about to drive 1800 miles home, I don’t think we look too bad.


Day light’s wasting … let’s go!

Vacation Vagaries

The beginning of any vacation is a wonderful thing.  The expanse of days stretch out before you full of endless possibilities.  About half way through the vacation, you might as well go back to work.  The knowledge that the vacation is almost over sinks in, and you begin to realize you haven’t done half of what you expected to do. This would explain why I haven’t been able to sleep for the last two nights.

Although I’m happy that I have done something every day, and gotten some work done, on some level I wanted to do more, and now I am freaking out.  Paradoxically, that is also why I am writing here instead of the the dissertation file.  In a little while the DH and I are taking in our last vacation event – a 3D showing of Prometheus.  You will not, however, be getting a review from me because when we get home I will pop a xanax, open the dissertation document, and stare at it for the next 10 hours.

For the first glorious portion of our vacation the DH and I packed up the car, grabbed the dogs, and headed to the north Georgia mountains where we had rented a cabin.  I loved it!  We didn’t really do half the things we could have because I was writing and stuff, but we were away from home.  Also, I don’t think either of us would mind going back to do some hiking.  Below the fold is the best picture from our trip.

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Howdy Stranger!

You know, what?  As of 5:00pm today I was officially on vacation and if vacation isn’t a time for blogging, I don’t know what is.  Of course there is more SERIOUS writing I should be doing just now, but I’ll get back to that in the morning.  Tonight I am on vacation.  

Because I am horribly behind on everything happening in the world it was only yesterday that I finished listening to The Hunger Games Trilogy.  What did I think?  Well, I tell you with the fair warning that there will probably be spoilers involved, because I don’t really believe there is anyone else left who hasn’t read these books.  I’m intensely amused that I’ve seen nearly all the middle aged men on my bus reading these books. This isn’t really going to be a review, just a general discussion of the books.  I’m also going to treat this as one large narrative without breaking it into books. 

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