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In keeping  with the random subject matter here, how about an ode to my diner.  Well, not an actual ode, but a loving tribute.  Although it’s supposed to warm up again this week, the weather here has finally turned a little chilly.  I’m excited because suddenly all the dishes that just seemed to hot and heavy for summer sound just about perfect.  Tonight we are finally going to return to our favorite winter stand by – TaterTot Hot Dish.

Trust me this dish is certainly nothing special, but both the DH (dear, dastardly, dimwitted -pick your adjective husband) love it.  I think you had to grow up in Minnesota in the ’70s to have an appreciation for any kind of hot dish.  When I was 10 and we moved from Minnesota to Washington State I realized that the rest of the U.S. calls a hotdish a casserole.  The hotdish has endless forms Tuna Noodle (with or without potato chips on top), Chicken noodle, rice with sausage, my mom would even make Spam hotdish.

Tater Tot is by far the best.  Brown some hamburger with onions (drain it), and pour into the bottom of a rectangular baking dish, then poor a can, or bag of frozen, corn over it.  Over the corn put a can of cream of mushroom soup, and on top of everything a layer of TaterTots.  Throw everything in the oven (350) for long enough to cook the TaterTots through (20-30 mn) .  It is just a good warm, cold night dinner.