Courses Taught

University of North Carolina Pembroke – (2019 – 2017) 

ENG 1050 – Composition I A first-year writing course that challenged students to explore the connection between narrative writing and larger issues. Students read and analyzed non-fiction works that used narrative to illustrate a larger issue for strategies that worked, and then applied those strategies in their own narrative illustrating a larger issue. 

ENG 1060 – Composition II The second course in the first-year writing series, which focuses on research and writing in the disciplines. Students continue to master summarizing and synthesizing material and learning to integrate that outside material into their own argumentative writing. 

ENG 2990 – Writing Center Theory and Practice 

This writing intensive course explores contemporary theory in Writing Center Studies and provides students with the opportunity to practice writing consulting. 

ENG 3720 – Civic Writing An upper level writing course in which students explore how writing influences the world around them. Students analyze contemporary writers who use story to further discussions and inform the public about contemporary issues and who issue calls for change in the world. After researching topic of interest to them, students also practice these forms of writing.

Bemidji State University

ENGL 1151 – Composition

First year writing course with an emphasis on introducing students to the genres and conventions of academic writing.

ENGL 2152 – Argument and Exposition

The second part of the first year writing sequence that focuses on academic research and writing.

ENGL 3510 – Tutoring Writing

A once credit training course for students working as writing consultants in the Writing Resources Center. Primarily geared toward practical approaches to consulting, the course provides a brief introduction to contemporary and historical issues in writing center work.

North Carolina State University

USC 210 Introduction to College Tutoring – Section for Writing Consultants
A one-credit course designed for Writing and Speaking Tutorial Services consultant training. The course exposes students to the contemporary and historical issues surrounding writing center work. Students are trained in practical approaches to consulting with assignments that ask them to explore current Writing Center literature. All undergraduate consultants are required to enroll in the course during their first semester of consulting for the Writing and Speaking Tutorial Services.

USC 210 Introduction to College Tutoring
A one credit-tutor training course for math and science tutors in the Undergraduate Tutorial Center. This course trains tutors to use an indirect style of tutoring. Students engage with theories of learning by identifying their own learning preferences and examining how those preferences affect their interaction with their tutees.

University of North Carolina Greensboro

English 101 – Composition I
Taught a first-year writing course that allowed students to explore and develop their own cultural literacy through the rhetorical analysis of print, film, and television programming. Students learned about the writing process with an emphasis on revision and critical reading skills to develop their rhetorical fluency and flexibility.

English 102SI – Composition II
Speaking intensive course designed for the second portion of the first-year writing sequence. Using speaking to learn principles students analyzed the rhetorical elements used to discuss issues in their world. A multi-modal final research project asked students to apply the rhetorical elements they learned to create their own nuanced argument.

English 390 – Writing Center Theory and Practice (Intern)
Served as an intern in this three-credit consultant training course. The course is required of all consultants before beginning work in the writing center. Consultants learned the history and theories of the writing center field in order to help them recognize how those theories informed their own practice in the writing center.

English 105WI – Introduction to Narrative (2008)
A writing intensive survey course which introduced students to narrative techniques in a variety of literary texts. Students used informal and formal writing projects to explore multiple forms of literary texts – narrative poetry, short stories, graphic novels, and film.

Guilford Technical Community College

Humanities 115N – Critical Thinking
Designed an online critical thinking course using the assigned text that asked students to identify and hone their own thinking skills. Students used the Moodle course management system to write blog entries, post to discussion forums, and update a course glossary in addition to writing and revising two essays.

English 111 – Expository Writing
As a part of the GTCC Faculty in Training program, taught a course using the modes of writing to help students recognize and develop their own writing process.

English 112 – Argument Based Research
Taught course that introduced students to academic research and argumentative writing. Allowed students to choose a topic they would then explore in different assignments over the course of the semester, culminating in a persuasive research paper.

English 114 – Professional Research and Writing (2004)
To practice different forms of professional communication students formed small groups of “travel agents” responsible for creating a business, planning a vacation for a family of four on a realistic budget, and presenting a persuasive argument for the proposed trip.