November, 2012

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Once again, this is a weekend in which not enough will happen.  Sure, it is  quite early on a Sunday to making such a declaration, but enough chores need to be done that I know dissertation writing will fall by the wayside.  Well, it will at least not get the full 15 hours of attention it needs to make up for the last week.  However, instead of beating myself up about this, I’m trying to take some of the advice I’ve been dole-ling out to everyone else this week.  I’m trying to give myself permission to do my chores and to NOT feel bad about the lack of writing.

In order to help myself in this process, I decided to salvage what I could of this train wreck of a process.  Today, instead of the incessant whining about the dissertation, I give you some bullets of any good that had come from working on my dissertation.

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Never thought I’d be writing this …

Seriously, all in all you’d be hard pressed to find something I care less about.  Admittedly, I read one Twilight book.  In my defense, I bought it in a moment of homesickness, because really how often do you get to read about the Olympic Peninsula in a novel?  At least I made it through that first book, then I read the second.  Even after traumatic brain injury I could see how insipid that book was. The only thing that I am less excited about than the Twilight books, would be the Twilight movies, and any media story about those movies.

That said, I don’t live in a cave, so I do inadvertently know more about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson than I care to.  Funny, though, it is still not enough to ensure I’ve purposefully seen any movie they’ve been in. Before I knew who Kristen Stewart was, I watched “Speak” on Lifetime.

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There is such a thing as too much time

All week I am content with the little bit I can get written because I keep thinking I’ll make up for it over the weekend.  Then the weekend comes and goes, and I still haven’t gotten enough done.

Seriously, how does this happen?

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On Developing Community

Of the work in my field what has been most influential to me most recently, are the calls to create communities of practice within our centers. As you might imagine, this idea resonates deeply with me. Drawing on the work of sociologists Etienne Wenger and Jean Lave, theorists have argued promoting communities of practice in the center encourages the consultants to learn from one another, and to develop knowledge together. I see this work as a natural foundation for the argument I make to use hospitality as a frame for the work of the center because building communities of practice in the center provides the consultant a space from which to welcome the writer.

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Slow and Steady

Well.  I got up at 5 am this morning.  I wrote 66 new words and revised 4 paragraphs.

Not exactly off to the races, but it is something.  I’d do more tonight, but since I plan to write here more I thought I should give the place a little face lift.  Plus, the DH is home, and I don’t often get to see him these days, so I figure I should take advantage of it — when I am done here.

An interesting thing is happening at work.  There is a consultant who wants to work in the field.  She has submitted to a local conference and been accepted, so now I am trying to mentor her through this process.  What I am experiencing, is I guess what every new professor experiences, it’s just taken a little more on the job time for me to get there.  Anyway, about that experience …

It is really weird to hear your own ideas spoken back to you.  Well, it’s not exactly my ideas, she has her own views, but I can see the influence her training with my program has had on her ideas.  Generally, I don’t think of myself as someone with a lot of influence, so it took me by surprise to have that realization during our meeting today.


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