Standing Day 1

This morning was the first time I tried working from a standing position.  It will probably take a little adjustment, but I think that I will like it.  To get everything at the right height, I bought three, two shelf closet organizers from Target.  Two are 31inches long, and one is 24, and I left the top shelf off of one of each.  It gave me just enough room to stack up some books to get the right height for the monitor and keyboard.  

What I noticed working today was that having the ability to fidget just that little bit actually helped me to stay a little bit more focused than typically. There are two things I do not really like about this set up.  First, I have to keep my laptop shut and tucked away on a shelf to make room for the keyboard and monitor.  This means I lose the two monitor set up, I’d grown to really like.  Second, I no longer have enough room to keep a document holder set up to easily see the papers I’m working with.  I’m sure I’ll figure something out eventually, and if I keep this up for three months or more then I’ll spring to make a real set up with stuff from Ikea. When I do that I think I’ll get back some of the space that I’ve lost. 

Here is a picture of the current set up. Ignore the rest of the mess. 


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