The Evening Stand

I’ll be over reporting in about the standing business soon, I promise.  For now, it is really all I have to write about. 

One of my hopes when creating this standing space was that it would motivate me to move away from the couch/television, and get some work done in the evening. Having spent 8 hours at work sitting in front of a computer screen, the last thing I want to do is come home to sit in front of yet another computer screen.  For some reason the television is different.  I think it has something to do with those pretty moving pictures.  😉 My thinking was that being in a different position in front of a computer screen might help.  

For tonight at least, I was right. Once I’d sat down to eat my dinner it was difficult to get back up. However, once I stood here for a while working on the dissertation, I felt a lot better.  True, that might have more to do with making progress on the dissertation than standing, but I do think my change in latitude had a little to do with it.  

I got quite a bit of work done tonight, which will hopefully help me sleep a little better. 

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