Focus is not what it is cracked up to be – at least not today.  Yesterday, yesterday was great.  I tried a new system.  Work one hour, break one hour, work one hour, break one hour.  Yesterday, I got a lot done.  

Today, well today, I did not get so much done.  It was a day of late starts and attempts to get focus.  Walk the dogs first thing  to stay out of the heat, and assure that they leave me alone later.  Only then sitting down to work took much longer than normal.  Found a recipe, ran to the store, came back, and finally got about 40 minutes of writing in.  Got up to do yoga, shower, nap, then pretend to start the day over with the work/break/work/break thing.  Did the yoga, showered, then got a email letting me know that I had to go to the day job this afternoon.

So …. drive the 40 minutes to work, work for an hour and a half, drive the 40 minutes home, and what do you know it is dinner time.  Tried to at least do some reading this evening, but even that is too much to ask.    

Between the day job, the dissertation job, the marriage, the house, the dogs, the …. everything I tend to feel like I should get a shiny prize for every morning I get out of bed, and double prizes on the days I get up at 5am. Instead, this week I got a shiny pile of additional crap dropped in my lap. In the end it will all work out some how; but right now, I need a week and an entire house to re-arrange/clean.  Since I have only one of those things, and it is not the week, I guess I just have to find another way to cope.   

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