Conspiracy and randomness

There are just some days when I swear the universe is conspiring against dissertation completion.  All I wanted to do today was write. 

In case you haven’t heard, and aren’t living in this vicinity, it is eleventy bazillion degrees here right now.  Trust me, in these parts we know from hot, and it is H. O. T. hot. Really, it is the time of year when I realize I have no business living in this region, because while I can tolerate the heat during the day, without air conditioning I wouldn’t be able to sleep from May until October.  So, it is record breakingly hot here right now, and last night at about 11:30pm when it was still well above sleeping temperatures, our power went out.  After figuring out that it was a general outage, and not just our breakers, I found a place where I could get a cross breeze, grabbed the cushions from the couch and made myself a bed, where I tossed and turned until the power came back on, bringing with it fans and air conditioning.  

Yesterday, a block from the relative safety of the parking deck at work I ran over a screw.  Not just a little nail, but a screw and washer big enough that I could see them in the back tire.  Fortunately, they wedged in their tightly enough to create a seal and keep the tire full all the way home.  But I knew that wouldn’t last long, so I had to spend a good portion of my day hanging out at the dealership waiting for my tire to be fixed. 

After not sleeping and hanging out at a car dealership (where I did get a little writing, and a little knitting done), I had to go grocery shopping, and put together dinner for tonight.  Did I mention it’s hot?  Dinner was some chicken salad that required a lot of chopping, and needed to be done early so it could chill.

Dinner was actually a fairly random collection of crap that proved amazingly filling for the small amount of it that we ate.  Chicken salad, bagel chips, a little brie, some chipotle cheddar cubes, chilled cherries and blueberries, corn on the cob, and watermelon.  Well, I told you it was random. 

Yes, I could be writing, right now this minute, but instead I am going to go read.  I did some good free writing at the dealership (just a sentence or two for nearly every paragraph to help me see the shape of the whole thing).  Now, I have to go figure out what sources are going to help me flesh that out. 

Anyway, I guess there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow.  I will be able to get up early and write my little heart out!

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