New Responsibilities

My status at work has changed.  Instead of being a 10 month employee, who could really just focus on my program because that was all I really had time to do, I am – for this year – a 12 month employee.  What that means is I get to participate in a summer program, which I’ve heard nothing but complaints about for two years.  yay

Today I had my first meeting about this program with my supervisor, and director.   What became obvious to me during this meeting was – that although my involvement in this summer program had been pitched to me as a “helping out” people who were already doing this work – I am really going to be taking on a much larger leadership role than I expected, particularly in the long run.

I have the sinking feeling that my 2 month summer vacation is over.  If they can find the funding I think I’m going to be a 12 month employee for the foreseeable future, and that in a year, two-three at the latest, I’ll be running our end of this damned thing.

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