Magical Thinking

Although this flies in the face of all the dog training rules that say “Do Not Make A Big Deal About Leaving,” we’ve always had a leaving ritual that the dogs seem to enjoy.

We get ourselves ready to go, gather up a Kong filled with treats and a little peanut butter, or just a little biscuit or two, and then we say, “Where do good dogs go?” Or, some variation like, “Who’s going to show me where good dogs go?” Sure enough, Yasser and Moshe head off to their crates, or as we call them “boxes,” and wait for their treats. From all the evidence, they both enjoy this process. Well, when there are too many long days in a row with both Bradley and I working, Moshe often leaves his treat for later to come stand in the hall and watch us walk out the door. It is pathetic and heartbreaking – like when he watches me drive away…


Moshe is our sweet dog, but perhaps not our smartest dog. Occasionally, we will find him in the middle of the living room doing this:

The kong is empty.

When Yasser knows the kong is empty, but wants something more, he picks it up and does the doggy equivalent of throwing it at you. As if to say, “I want some more, damnit!” Moshe apparently believes that if he stares hard enough new treats will magically appear in the kong. Seriously, I’ve seen him hold this stare for a good 5 minutes.

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