Tea Party

This weekend I had the rare opportunity to play dress up and meet up with the girls. Several good friends are getting married this summer, so this was my first weekend of bachelor-ette activities. Yesterday, we all met in Greensboro for tea and a nice dinner.  While I realize it is probably nothing like the real thing, I love having the “British”tea at the O’Henry. The scones with clotted cream and lemon curd were extra yummy. Everyone wore cute dresses and we sipped our tea like ladies. Dressed up for teaI don’t have a full length mirror so you can’t see the dress, but I like this picture because I feel like I’m finally showing my age a little more.  Maybe no one else would notice how my smile lines have deepened or the crows feet around my eyes, but I like them. Later this year when I actually turn 40 I might change my mind about that, but for now I like looking a little older.

The best part of yesterday was just getting to hang out and chat with old friends and new.  Dr. Poet-pixie was at tea, and I finally got to meet her husband afterwards.  I even managed to squeeze in a quick visit with Dr. Ouiser. I think that is what I miss most about our new location is the ability to just go out with the girls.

It even made me feel a little better about academic life because I got to talk to other academics and realize it is pretty much the same everywhere.  Yes, that is oddly comforting.  Most importantly I learned about a new lipstick.  I need to get some Clinique Black Honey; apparently it has the Real Raisin property of looking good on everyone.

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2 Commentsto Tea Party

  1. Alisha says:

    I have the same feelings regarding my face lines and turning 40. I have good genes and look younger than I am, but that combo of frown line and turning 40 makes me feel more “adult” somehow.

    • Alisha says:

      Forgot to mention that you do look lovely! That magenta-ish color suits you and it is always fun to dress up.

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