It could go either way…

I finally watched the series premiere of Bunheads.

Created by Amy Sherman Palladino of Gilmore Girls fame, there is much about Bunheads that is familiar, and maybe a little too familiar.  At its core Bunheads is a fish-out-of-water story with Palladino’s favorite twist – the quirky town.  I’ll give it at least one season — hell, who am I kidding apparently even if it sucks and I hate it, I will keep watching.  The fact that I cannot seem to stop watching Rizzoli & Isles is more than enough evidence  of that fact.  Seriously, why can’t I stop watching that show?

Although I fear the overly familiar tropes from Gilmore Girls might make me tire of this new show quickly, for now that familiarity is apparently just what I need.  Watching the first episode was pleasantly like coming home and diving into a comfy jam-jams for my brain.

Don’t judge me too harshly, my brain works hard the other seventy billion hours a week.

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