Happy New Year

In an event worthy of a national holiday, today I left the house and met new people. Dr. Cheese is in the ‘boro for the holidays to see his family and came east today to see friends, so I tagged a long in order to spend some time with him. There was so much good food, and a ton of kids. Fun times! Since I already have two social engagements for this weekend: book club Friday night and coffee with the Anthropologist on Saturday, I think I can safely declare my hermit phase over. For someone who was known as a ‘social butterfly’ in high school, my lack of social life here in the Bull City has been trying at times.

While I am not really a resolution person, I have found over the past couple of years that it is helpful to have a slogan for the year. In the past I’ve focused on things like confidence, listening. Basically, I just pick a word to use a benchmark for my decisions and actions. Typically, this is something I do mostly at work, but this year I’ve chosen two interconnected words that I think will have an impact in every part of my life. This is the year of Visibility and Vulnerability. I don’t know exactly what it all means yet, but I know it will be a challenge to make myself open up this year.

Not much of a post tonight, but at least I started out the year with writing!

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