Vacation Round Up

It’s been quiet around here lately for a couple of reasons. First, a long shot of a job application resulted in a sudden campus visit. While that was the only thing on my mind for a bit, it was also not something I thought I should be writing about. Then right after that visit I went on vacation. The vacation was at a lovely cabin in the wilds of Wisconsin where I didn’t have access to internet or phone. It was great.

I kayaked for the first time, and I loved it. In fact, I loved it enough to give myself blisters going out as often as I could. It was also great to see all my in-laws. At nearly every family vacation a story emerges at someone’s expense. For example, at our reception party my father in law tried to open a can of cashews and ended up throwing them all of the room. He has to this day not lived down the cashew incident.

This trip it was apparently my turn for such a story. In addition to kayaking I also tried tubing for the first time. It all went well until my ride was over. No one told me that when the boat stopped I would need to reposition my weight backward. The result was that in exquisite slow motion I felt the tube slipping forward more and more until I went head first into the lake. As I spluttered my way to the surface all I could hear from the boat was laughter and gasps as they asked if I was okay. Apparently the look on my face as I went in the water was priceless.

Between time on the boat and game nights we all had such a nice time I don’t mind being the entertainment for the week.




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