One week …

Apparently, in celebration of my 40th birthday I get to return to my 10 year old look. This week I went to the eye doctor and had to get a pair of reading glasses for work. I’ll post pictures when I get to pick them up.

Also, I think I am having the proverbial mid-life crisis. Nothing like buying a sports car, or anything like that. But the crisis is the only explanation I can come up with for my recent willingness to cut my hair, and the general malaise I seem to have going on. To borrow from my insightful little sister, Lucy Little, I am a woman in search of inspiration.

So, no inspiration yet … just new hair, new glasses, and next weekend a new tattoo and 40.
Seems like at least the next year will be interesting.

2 Commentsto One week …

  1. Melissa says:

    Tattoo? Can’t wait to see…

    And I think your general malaise comes from not having my sour puss around everyday, all day. 🙂 In case you need an even better reason for it.

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