June is Busting Out All Over

If you are at all familiar with the musical Carousel, please forgive me for putting that song in your head. If you aren’t the linked video is a special peak into musicals circa 1956. Watch it, if you can. Also, take comfort in the fact that, due to a bit part in our high school production of said show, it is going to take me at least a week to get it out of my own brain. In my last entry, I inadvertently set forth a challenge that the rest of June would have to work to live up to the first day. Apparently, the challenge was accepted in all the best ways!

Last weekend, postponing some plans with Amié Volée and her partner Marshal Dillon made me sad, so I immediately tried to re-schedule. Fortunately, we made Tuesday night work, which seemed perfect. Until, two things came up.  I remembered Thursday I had long established plans to see The Regrettes with Dr. Too Cool for School (TCfS). Folks, if you are not listening to The Regrettes already, I really don’t know what to do with you. They are built for summer fun listening! Download Seashore, Come Through, or their version of Helpless from Hamilton, open your windows, sunroof, or put your top down and drive around playing them very loudly. Tuesday & Thursday plans would have been a great week all by themselves, but then I also had to make plans with my new friend, Life on the Streets (LotS), for Wednesday. At the beginning of Sunday, I expected a quiet, but fun week; by the end of Sunday, I had no idea how I would manage it all!

Before you start chastising me, I am in no way complaining about this. This last week was amazing. Three years ago, there no way I would have imagined a week like this would have been possible. I am beyond grateful to have this week to demonstrate for me just how beautiful and full my life is.Crytsal wine glass filled with red wine sangria, with an orange slice floating on top Knowing how crazy the week was, Tuesday I took the easy way out, ordered pizza for dinner and made my first batch of Sangria for the season. Though Amié Volée and I are fairly merciless in our teasing of him, He Who Shall Be Named Later always brings fun and good conversation to the table. During dinner he asked us all to name two simple things that always make us smile. The ensuing conversation resulted in so much laughter that I could scarcely take a bit or drink without choking from laughter.

Sitting there watching my friends talk and laugh, filling my house with warmth, I couldn’t remember when I’d last felt so much joy. “This.” I thought, “This is what makes me smile.” Nothing, not even the absolutely awful movie, we watched afterwards could remove that smile from my face and just the thought of the evening makes me smile again.

Wednesday night was basically a repeat of Tuesday, but with a much smaller crowd.  LotS and I both had busy weeks, so we also settled for pizza and a movie.  Since our schedules tend to limit the time LotS and I can get together, I was thankful for a quiet night in a busy week, though I am not so sure I will ever be a Flash Gordon fan.

Topping the week off with an evening with Dr. TCfS and Dr. & Mr. Revolution was perfect.  Though Dr. TCfS has been an amazing support for me during this transition year, we haven’t seen each other nearly enough.  Having him at the show with us was the perfect end to the week. a small jack russell terrier looks up at the camera with pleading eyesThe only one not happy with this week was Rhodey, who was not happy when I left the Revolution for home Friday morning. I topped off the week with a nice long wander through Barnes & Noble before I headed home.

As I try to process all the changes I’ve been through over the last few years, it is sometimes easy for me to lose sight of how things were and how far I have come.  This week seemed wrapped up and destined to show me just how much better my life is. Sitting down to face all the grown up work of the weekend: a trip to the laundromat, mowing the lawn, paying the bills, and cleaning the house the fun and joy from this week makes it all bearable. With long phone calls from Ouiser and RAD coming up this week, I feel like I am truly “wallowing in happiness” as I have been instructed to do.

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