Happy Thanksgiving

It’s always hard for me to talk about all the things I’m thankful for; I’m never really able to get it right, so it all sounds a little over-done, and trite, to me.  This is year is going to be no exception to that rule.  What I mean and what I feel won’t really be captured, but I think there is a value in trying anyway.

Even in the minimal amount of time I’ve put into creating this space, I’m pretty sure it’s been obvious that this has been yet another in a series of remarkably trying years.  Oddly enough, what I am most thankful this year has been the struggle this year has been.  If only because it meant making a decision and getting out of the stasis we were in, I am so glad we moved.  All that had happened afterward, the house, the yard, the DH’s struggle to find a job, has sucked; it’s broken me down further than I thought possible, yet at the same time it feels like forward movement.  I guess I’m just a glass half-full kind of person because I feel like that’s something.

For a long time it felt like we were stuck, and we just kept getting hammered by stuff.  We are still getting hammered, but at least the scenery has changed a little — and, I feel like moving targets are a little harder to hit.  That is, however, probably just my nomadic genes talking, and I am really not trying to tempt fate.

Anyway there have been fruits to this struggle, it almost did the DH and I in, but I think we’ve finally learned from it all, and started relying on each other a little more, and in healthier ways. So, here’s to the struggle.

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