Digital Writing Month

I let Ouiser over at the Malarkey Bin talk me into this crazy 50,000 words in a month thing. Not exactly sure I will make it, but like Ouiser, I need the proverbial kick in the a$$ to get me writing again.

It’s not just the dissertation I need to be writing.  I also need to be better about writing here, and starting some new writing projects for work. In general, I just need to find the joy in writing again.

As with most projects like this one, I’m certain I should be posting goals. I’m terrible at making goals. terrible. When I set goals for myself, I’m also spectacularly bad at meeting them. Perhaps, however, being a part of a group, and doing this semi-publicly will help me stick to my guns.

  • Newest drafts to dissertation committee by November 16th.  Full draft to Dr. Belle, Chapter 5 to Dr. Phoenix, and wherever his additions end up for Dr. Chat. (Either Chapter 1 or 3)
  • Daily writing in the morning and evening.  (I am a pro at 5 am. I suck at getting back to it after dinner.)
  • Posts here once or twice a week. I won’t make any promises about topics related to the dissertation, because it is spectacularly boring, and I plan to use writing here as a reward for doing the work writing.)

I think that is enough for now.  I do have some other goals in mind if I can make that first goal by 11/16, but I want to wait and make sure that happens.

4 Commentsto Digital Writing Month

  1. Melissa says:

    Yeah but see, you have way more work work on your list. I didn’t make any specific goals for chapters because I know the minute I do, I’ll blow them off entirely. 🙂 I just gotta write. Anything.

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh and, by the way, there’s a Scrivner app for your iPad, in case you didn’t know. 🙂

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