You might notice that I’ve made some changes around here, added a few pages, and things. I really hated having my CV just copied and pasted to a single page. It was just too much text for one page, so I broke up the sections into individual pages.  I even included sub-pages with my teaching and administrative philosophies, not that anyone would really want to read them. In general, I like this new organization, and I think it will make it easy for me to keep everything updated. In the future I imagine a reversal of process where I cut and paste from my website to update and create a new CV.

Other changes have happened around here as well. Just after the best conference ever, I came home and completed the Performance Leadership class. (I even got a diploma!) We also said Adieu to Ms. Malenovka, who will be missed and loved until the end of time.

9 wonderful years

9 wonderful years

Seriously, she was the sweetest cat.

As of July 1, my position was reclassified, which came with a new title and a tiny raise. I can’t really complain about either, but the reality is that the reclassification simply named work I was already doing, and there is precious little money floating around any state system right now, so I am pleased to have what I do.

The summer tutoring program got up and running just in time for me to have a family emergency over the holiday weekend. You know how it goes in my life, no good turn goes unpunished.

Me: Yay! I got a promotion!

Universe: Promotion, eh. Here’s a dose of family emergency for you.

In the end lots of stress, no fun at all, but manageable and we all came out the other side slightly scarred, but still walking. In fact, the crisis demonstrated our inability to function as a one car household, so with a little help from my fabulous in-laws we now have a new member of the family.

to be named later

to be named later

Actually, we are just leasing, so I don’t know that it is wise to get too attached by naming her.  😉 Leasing might not be for everyone, just like renting isn’t for everyone, but for us right now it is the best option. The DH has taken Chauncy, who I will continue to keep filled with gas and provided with proper maintenance.  Knowing everyone finally has reliable transportation substantially decreased the stress level in our house. (Yes, I did knock on wood as I typed that.)

Once again, I head into the second half of the year preparing for uncertainties: determining what my new role at work will be, preparing for another round at the academic roulette of hiring, and trying to establish good habits personally and professionally. A good friend of mine calls birthdays “New Years,” and I think that is an apt way to think about it.  September has always felt like a personal new year for me, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when summers end up being so full of changes.  They are preparing the way for whatever will happen in the coming year.

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