Small things

At some point in the long dark time that was last winter, the DH told me his mantra for when he was feeling particularly unmotivated and depressed was “Puppies are soft and warm.” It worked best when mumbled while snuggling with our pups.  I thought if it could work for him, then it would definitely work for me.  And it pretty much does. 

Today, the only thing keeping me in the chair with my fingers on the keyboard are the soft puppies surrounding me.  Moses is tucked in behind me providing heated lumbar support and the Palestinian is on my lap with his head propped on typing arm. 

The writing tasks for today are one blog post, and a draft of a conference paper.  I did a lot of hand written work yesterday, so there is a good base to work from. Yesterday, I did plan to get more done than I did, but it was a special occasion.  Through the miracle of crappy Skype connections between my computer and my little brother’s phone, I got to virtually attend my little sister’s wedding.  It was fun. 

The conference I have to attend this week is in my home time zone.  It is silly, but true.  I never feel truly at home unless I am operating on PST. I am ridiculously excited about being close to the Pacific again.  I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get to touch it, but just knowing it is there, and getting glimpses from the plane will make me happy. I’m not going home, but it will certainly be close enough for now.  

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